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Founded 25 years ago out of a passion for art and managed with love. The Nachtmann Art Auction House presents a broad range of items: from furniture & decoration, paintings, sculptures, silver, ceramics & porcelain, glass, books, jewellery, rugs and Asian art to chandeliers & lamps as well as folk art and religious objects.

We’re always interested in buying first-class art & antiquities. Please send us some pictures in advance as well as any information you might have about the items you wish to receive an estimation of. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Would you like to sell through Nachtmann Art Auctions? We’ll gladly accept your submission for our next action. Please schedule an appointment with us and take note of the following terms GTC -> 24% commission + VAT on commission)

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Are you looking for a specific item? We’ll gladly find it for you. Our contacts in international trade usually guarantee great success.

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